EuroDressage – January 2016

Leatherdale Moves Four Stallions to the U.S.A.

Stallion owner Louise Leatherdale has moved four of her breeding stallions permanently from Germany to her home country U.S.A.

Louise Leatherdale and her late husband Doug are renowned for being the discoverers of the highly successful breeding stallion His Highness. Over the years they added several licensing champions to their line-up, including the Oldenburg licensing champion Fairbanks (by Flemmingh x Inselfurst) and Trakehner licensing champion Herzensdieb (by Tambour x Tivano).

All of their breeding stallions have been based at Jens Meyer's station in Dorum, Germany, and the Leatherdale line-up has added name recognition and prestige to Meyer's station.

Leatherdale Farms' Fairbanks, First Dance (by Florestan x Donnerhall), Hampton (by His Highness x Rotspon) and Herzensdieb will now stand at Bridlewood Farm in Union, Kentucky, as a joint venture of the three top breeding entities.

The decision to move the four stallions was made collectively by the Leatherdales, the Meyers and Barbara Schmidt while Doug was alive. The stallions went in quarantine in Kentucky in December.

"We had the same philosophy; everything is about the horse," Louise Leatherdale said. "Everything we do is about the care, welfare and well-being of the horse. That's the connection we had. Everyone had a role at the stallion licensing prior to the auction, where the 2 1/2 -year-old stallions were sold to countries all over the world," Schmidt explained. "Doug and Louise would select their top choices of the equine athletes, the Meyers would add their years of expertise in training and riding, and I would add my equine veterinary knowledge and experience. We formed quite a good team."

"These four stallions are so accomplished in performance and have had such successful offspring," Leatherdale said.  "I don't think we have ever had four stallions of this caliber - proven performance, proven successful offspring - enter into the United States at one time for breeding at one farm." Schmidt added. "I am grateful to Doug and Louise. This is an incredible opportunity for sport horse breeders in North America."