Leatherdale Farms’ Damsey FRH Wins Bronze at FEI Dressage World Cup Final With Helen Langehanenberg

Gothenburg, Sweden – April 15, 2019 – Leatherdale Farms’ Hanoverian stallion, Damsey FRH, won the bronze at the 2019 FEI Dressage World Cup™ Final after his performance with German Olympian Helen Langehanenberg. The 17-year-old Hanoverian stallion (Dressage Royal-Ria Grande, Ritual) topped the qualification list for the Western European League this year and their personal best performance of 86.571 percent in Gothenburg, Sweden, solidified their place as one of the world’s top dressage combinations.


“I am absolutely proud – Damsey is a very special horse and I am proud that he did this today,” Langehanenberg said. “He has performed super the whole winter season for me. I am so thankful to Louise [Leatherdale] that I can ride him and that we can do this together and have this experience. It makes me very grateful and proud that I got this horse as a 14-year-old and every year he has felt younger and younger.”

On the first day of competition at the FEI Dressage World Cup™ Final, Langehanenberg and Damsey placed fifth with a 76.957 percent. However, the following day in the Grand Prix Freestyle, Damsey wowed the judges with his expressive freestyle. Their choreography had a 10-point degree of difficulty score and they brought the house down in their final centerline, where Damsey FRH found a new gear in his extended trot heading straight for the judge’s stand. They rounded out the podium with their fellow German Isabell Werth winning the title and Laura Graves from the USA placing second.


have always believed in this horse,” Langehanenberg said. “I have a very strong relationship with him and he is an absolutely special character. I have him on my side and to end up here, third, with a personal best was amazing. He was so energetic. It is great to see that he is so fresh and he loves to do this. I had a little tear in my eye up there already.”

“I went in and I said, ‘Enjoy, just enjoy. Do it for you and for Damsey,'” Langehanenberg said. “We did this for us and we enjoyed it. I think this was the best we can do and it worked!”


Langehanenberg won the 2013 FEI Dressage World Cup™ Final title aboard Damon Hill, and in 2016 she secured the ride on Damsey FRH. Currently ranked sixth on the FEI Dressage World Ranking list, the duo has had their eyes set on qualifying for Sweden’s final this year, since Langehanenberg was on maternity leave and unable to compete at the 2018 championship in Paris, France.

Beginning their qualifying season in fall 2018, Langehanenberg and Damsey FRH won the Grand Prix in Herning, Denmark, and placed second in the Grand Prix Freestyle with an 81.40 percent. A few weeks later, they continued racking up qualifying points after their performances in Germany and Belgium. In the final leg of the Western European League in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, Langehanenberg and Damsey FRH earned a 84.875 percent in the Grand Prix Freestyle.


“To be the owner of a fabulous stallion such as Damsey FRH is such a treat!” Louise Leatherdale said. “To have watched he and Helen grow together to become a true team has been remarkable and I was thrilled to cheer them on in person at the Scandinavium!”

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Leatherdale Farms Supports American Breed Associations with Donated Stallion Breeding Fees

Union, Ky. – Feb 12, 2019 – Leatherdale Farms is proud to donate stallion breeding and booking fees for four different breed organizations based in the United States for the third consecutive year. The American Hanoverian Society, the American Trakehner Association, the Oldenburg Horse Breeders’ Society and the New England Dressage Association received donated fees for their stallion service auctions. The fees for the talented Leatherdale stallions based in the U.S. – E.H. Herzensdieb, First Dance, Hampton and Fairbanks – will help raise money during the organizations’ auctions.


“It is an honor to donate to the stallion service auctions for the third year since four of our stallions were imported to the U.S. from Germany,” said Louise Leatherdale. “These auctions contribute to the increase of exposure and education for American breeders of top sport horses. It is a great opportunity for breeders to purchase breeding and booking fees for some of the most desired stallions in the country at a discounted price. Any contribution I can make that helps the industry advance is a great one in my mind.”

To the American Hanoverian Society (AHS), Leatherdale Farms donated two stallion services. One breeding service offered a choice between E.H. Herzensdieb or Hampton, both of which have placed within the top 10 percent of German dressage sires. The other option was a choice between Fairbanks or First Dance, who both received exceptional scores in their 30-day tests and have produced impressive progeny in dressage and jumping. The AHS auction was open from Jan. 27 to Feb. 4 and a total of 25 breeding services were successfully purchased by the eager bidders. Upon completion, the two Leatherdale breeding fees raised a total of $2,250 for the AHS.


The American Trakehner Association (ATA) is offering a great lineup of 36 stallion services from Feb. 1-14. All proceeds from the auction will go to the promotion of the Trakehner in the U.S. in advertising, promotional events and awards programs. It will benefit all American Trakehner breeders as well as mare and stallion owners. Breeding to Leatherdale Farms’ very own E.H. Herzensdieb is up for grabs in the auction. E.H. Herzensdieb was champion and crowd-favorite at his Trakehner licensing in Neumünster, Germany, and he was honored with the Elite Hengst (E.H.) title by the Trakehner Verband.

Thirty-seven breeding services will be featured at the Oldenburg Horse Breeders’ Society’s (GOV) 2019 stallion service auction, which will run from Feb. 1-23. The volunteer-run auction will include fees for breeding to Fairbanks. Fairbanks was the undisputed champion of the Oldenburg Stallion Licensing in Vechta, Germany, and was awarded the 1c-Premium due to his exceptional stallion test results. All proceeds from the auction will support the North American awards programs of the Oldenburg Horse Breeders’ Society and Weser-Ems Pony Registry (WE).


The New England Dressage Association (NEDA) stallion auction is underway, running from Jan. 31 to Feb. 19. The auction raises funds for prize money awarded at the NEDA Fall Breed Show and Championships, along with sport horse scholarships. The auction will offer a selection of 54 stallion services, including a choice between Leatherdale Farms’ E.H. Herzensdieb, Hampton, Fairbanks and First Dance.

Leatherdale Farms encourages breeders to take advantage of these opportunities to breed to top sport horses in the U.S. while supporting these organizations. To learn more about Leatherdale Farms’ stallions, visit the website.


If you have any questions regarding breeding to the Leatherdale Farms stallions, please contact Barbara Schmidt DVM at her office (859) 485-6000, cell (859) 393-9782 or email at bschmidtdvm@fuse.net.

Leatherdale Farms' Damsey FRH Concludes 2018 With Standout Performances

Stockholm, Sweden - Dec. 14, 2018 -  After impressive CDI performances throughout 2018, Olympian Helen Langehanenberg and Leatherdale Farms' Damsey FRH have continued their success to wrap up their season on a high note. The pair recently moved up on the FEI Dressage World Ranking List to conclude the year tied for sixth position. 

Helen Langehanenberg and Damsey FRH. Photo by Lily Forado.

Helen Langehanenberg and Damsey FRH. Photo by Lily Forado.

"This year has been absolutely amazing with Damsey," Langehanenberg explained. "He gets better from show to show and is more closed in his body. He is so fresh, has so much fun and is always really willing to perform.

In the spring, the pair gave a dominating performance at the CDI-W Neumünster with a personal high score of 83.88 percent. Following Langehanenberg's maternity leave, they returned to the show ring as members of the German team at the prestigious CDIO5* Nations Cup in Aachen, Germany. Langehanenberg and the 16-year-old Hanoverian stallion were the highest scoring German combination in the Grand Prix with a 77.034 percent and helped Germany secure the gold medal. 

Helen Langehanenberg and Damsey FRH. Photo by LL-Foto.

Helen Langehanenberg and Damsey FRH. Photo by LL-Foto.

"I am so very proud of Damsey FRH and the riding that Helen does to help him achieve his potential in the dressage arena," Louise Leatherdale said. "What a joy it was to see absolutely magical moments in their freestyle at Stockholm in how they communicate together. Having seen so many of Damsey's offspring over the years, including my own talented sons and daughters, shows how his talent in dressage is passed along to those youngsters. It is a thrill to be able to observe Damsey first hand!"

With their eyes on qualifying for the FEI World Cup™ Finals next year, Langehanenberg and Damsey FRH won the CDI-W Grand Prix in Herning, Denmark and placed second in the Grand Prix Freestyle with an 81.40 percent. A few weeks later, they continued racking up qualifying points after their performance at the CDI-W in Stuttgart, Germany.

Most recently, Damsey FRH placed fourth in both the Grand Prix with a 77.196 percent and an 83.495 percent in the Grand Prix Freestyle at the CDI5* in Stockholm, Sweden.

Helen Langehanenberg and Damsey FRH. Photo by Lily Forado.

Helen Langehanenberg and Damsey FRH. Photo by Lily Forado.

"I think our Grand Prix Freestyle at Stockholm might be the best we have ever done - absolutely regular in every step," Langehanenberg said. "Our goal in 2019 will be the FEI World Cup™ Finals in Gothenburg, and we will be heading in a few weeks to compete at the CDI-W in Mechelen, Belgium and then the CDI-W in Amsterdam in January. Damsey is the strongest character I have ever met, but I have so much fun with him and I am so thankful that Louise [Leatherdale] and the Meyers gave him to me to ride. He is so willing to do the sport!"