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First Dance (Florestan I-SPS Dorina, Donnerhall) has made a name for himself as a talented stallion, with offspring bearing his hallmarks of beauty and strength of movement. The 2004 Hanoverian stallion, who stands at 16.3 hands, captivated both the audience and the licensing commission in 2006 in Verden, Germany. First Dance stands out with his stellar bloodlines, rideability and beautiful movement. The combination of Florestan I and Donnerhall is a guarantee for world-class dressage horses in sport and breeding contexts. First Dance is approved for the American Hanoverian Society, Hanoverian Verband and German Oldenburg Verband.

He finished his 30-Day Test with flying colors, receiving a score of 9.0 for the walk, an 8.75 for rideability and a score of 8.5 for character, constitution, trot and canter. This, along with qualifying for the German Bundeschampionate in 2009, represents the full recognition of the Hannoveraner Verband. First Dance was victorious in dressage tests in the elementary (Class L) level and, in 2010, repeatedly won dressage tests at the medium (Class M) level and Prix St. Georges.

First Dance's bloodlines set his offspring up for success in the international arenas. A pedigree analysis was completed in 2013, and it showed that five horses competing at the European Championships in Denmark were direct offspring of Florestan I and 15 finalists carried the blood of the Oldenburg stallion of the century, Donnerhall. The predominance of this pedigree continues worldwide today in Grand Prix competitions.

First Dance is the sire of licensed stallions throughout Europe, as well as States Premium mares and auction foals. He has several pregnancies confirmed for the 2017 foaling season in the United States. Not only do his offspring have solid conformation, First Dance passes along traits of elegant, floating movement and uncomplicated rideability. First Dance is approved AHS, HV, ARS and GOV. He is located at Bridlewood Hanoverians in Union, Kentucky. No live cover, but shipped or frozen semen is available. The stud fee is $1,800 LFG and a $300 nonrefundable booking fee. Special consideration for discounts will be given to performance and SPS mares. 

CEM (Contagious Equine Metritis): Negative
EVA (Equine Viral Arteritis): Negative, Vaccinated Annually
WFFS (Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome): Carrier WFFS/N

From the very outset of his basic training up through training the Grand Prix elements, First Dance showed the riders three beautiful basic gaits that were also highly rhythmic and regular.
— International master trainer Johnny Hilberath
You can’t get much better than the Donnerhall and Florestan bloodlines for successful upper level sport horses. It’s a very influential foundation for dressage.
— Dr. Barbara Schmidt
He is a lovely stallion. We saw something very special with him when we purchased him at the Hanoverian Stallion Licensing in Verden. He really stands out in the crowd because of his bloodlines and impressive movement, especially his ‘10’ walk!
— Louise Leatherdale


First Dance will be a top producer for the international Grand Prix dressage ring. He definitely passes on strength over the topline to his offspring as well as a very correct hind leg and loin connection. He adds quality of gaits and strength of conformation, and he is especially suitable for refined mares.”
— Dr. Barbara Schmidt
The intelligence he passes on to his offspring is phenomenal. They connect to training very quickly and easily, and I find that First Dance’ s babies are very willing to work and really impressive in the ring.
— Mike Suchanek