Hengststation Jens Meyer’s Young Horse Training Program Contributes to Leatherdale Farms’ Success

Helmi in Verden, Germany. Photo by Kiki Beelitz.

Dorum, Germany – March 24, 2016 – For the past 15 years Leatherdale Farms has forged a partnership with Hengststation Jens Meyer as their dedicated young horse training program in Europe. Located in Dorum, Germany, the breeding farm and training center strives for excellence in the development of young dressage horses. Louise Leatherdale attributes the success of Leatherdale Farms’ German operation to her teamwork with Susanne and Jens Meyer’s program.

“It is very important to start a young horse slowly and give them time so that they are not afraid,” Susanne Meyer explained. “It is crucial that they trust you. The horse always comes first, and we let the horse be a horse.”

Hengststation Jens Meyer prides itself on its commitment to the proper development of a young dressage horse. The Meyers believe it is imperative to provide a solid training foundation for each horse. They understand the challenges young horses often face as part of the process, such as giving too much of a response to the rider’s aid, and they keep the focus on steady progress without losing relaxation or throughness.

“We have Sebastian Langehanenberg come once a month to train all the horses and to check that they are on the correct training path,” Susanne Meyer said. “It is important to have someone on the outside come to help.”

Hengststation Jens Meyer and Leatherdale Farms’ base in Minnesota follow parallel strategies in bringing along young horses. At both farms, once horses have progressed through their basic training and are ready to move forward with their competitive careers, they are matched with a top rider who furthers their development into international Grand Prix horses.

Leatherdale Farms works with several internationally successful riders, including Diane Creech of Canada and Sue Blinks of the U.S. The Leatherdale team recently paired their world-class Hanoverian stallion Damsey FRH with German Olympian Helen Langehanenberg.

Damsey (Dressage Royal-Ria Grande, Ritual) had been standing at Hengststation Jens Meyer prior to beginning his partnership with Langehanenberg, and the farm also stands the young stallion Beltano (Belissimo M-St.Pr.St. Heavenly, Hohenstein). In both breeding and training, Hengststation Jens Meyer and Leatherdale Farms have worked closely to reach their shared goals.  

“Leatherdale Farms has had a unique partnership with Hengststation Meyer since the wonderful purchase of our young stallion His Highness in 2002," Louise Leatherdale explained. “The professional handling and training of His Highness developed further with the addition of more exceptional Leatherdale stallions.  

“Now, with the offspring of these stallions, we once again look forward to the superior training of the young horses in the Meyers' care with correct and caring supervision,” she continued. “I can not imagine a better environment than Hengststation Meyer to train a young horse, whether it be a stallion, gelding or mare.”